Freedom of Information

The Freedom of Information (FOI) Act 2000 gives the public a general right to access recorded information held by public authorities including Further Education Colleges.

The Act promotes greater openness and accountability across the public sector, therefore facilitating a better understanding of how public bodies carry out their business, why they make the decisions they do and how they spend public money.

All institutions are required to issue a publication scheme. Also, the Environmental Information Regulations 2004 allow wider public access to environmental information held by the College.

Guide to Information available under Model Publication Scheme (Freedom of Information Act)

In accordance with the Freedom of Information Act (FOI) the College has adopted the new Model Publication Scheme without modification. This guide has been prepared on the Definition Document for Colleges of Further Education and supports the legal commitment for the College to provide as much information as possible on a routine basis.

1. Who We Are and What We Do

1.1. Legal Framework

Legal Status
The Corporation was established under the Further and Higher Education Act 1992 for the purpose of conducting Halesowen College. The College is an exempt charity for the purposes of the Charities Act 1993.

The Corporation was incorporated as Halesowen College.

The College mission as approved by its members is:
To be the leading choice for post 16 Education and Training

Documents available

Instrument and Articles Request paper copy
Standing Orders Request paper copy
Financial Memorandum Part A Request paper copy

1.2. How the College is Organised

The College Principal and Chief Executive is David Williams.

The College has a board of governors. Members serving on the Corporation during the year can be seen here:

Current determination: 11 members including one staff, one student and the Principal

1.3. Information Relating to Organisations the College Works in Partnership with and any Companies Wholly Owned

Halesowen College has one wholly owned company; Halesowen College Enterprises Limited.

Documents available

Halesowen College Enterprises Directors Report and Financial Statements Request paper copy
Halesowen College Enterprises Business Plan Request paper copy

Professional Advisors to the College are

Financial Statements and Regularity Auditors

St Philips Point
Temple Row
B2 5AF


Lloyds Bank
2nd Floor
125 Colmore Row
B3 3SF

Internal Auditors

Business Support Centre
53-55 Gosport Business Centre
Aerodrome Road
PO13 0FQ


Shakespeare Martineau
1 Colmore Circus
B4 6AA

Halesowen College is a member of the Halesowen Education Trust.

1.4. Location and Contact Details

Any request for information under the FOI Act should be forwarded to:

Ruth Broome
CIS Manager
Halesowen College
Whittingham Road
West Midlands
B63 3NA

Telephone: 0121 602 7634

Other contact information can be found here

1.5. Student Activities

Halesowen College Student Union is an independent body.

Documents available

Student Union Accounts and Budget Request paper copy
Student Union Constitution Request paper copy

2. What We Spend and How We Spend it

2.1. Funding Income

Information on the sources of funding and income such as grants, tuition fees and investment income can be found in the following documents:

Documents available

Revenue Budget Request paper copy
Capital Programme Request paper copy
Tuition Fee Policy Request paper copy
Treasury Management Policy Request paper copy

2.2. Budgetary and Accounts Information

Information on where money is being spent or has been planned can be found on the following documents.

Documents available

Financial Plan and Associated Commentary Request paper copy
Annual Members Report and Financial Statements Website - Guides & Policies

2.3. Financial Audit Reports

Halesowen College engages professional auditors (ref 1.3)

Annually Internal Audit issue their overall opinion on the systems of internal control by the use of an annual report. External Audit issue a management letter for their work on regularity and the financial statements, again noting any weaknesses in the control environment.

2.4. Financial Regulations and Procedures

Documents available

Halesowen College Financial Regulations Request paper copy
Halesowen College Standing Orders Relating to Contracts Request paper copy
Halesowen College Enterprises Financial Regulations Request paper copy
Halesowen College Enterprises Standing Orders Relating to Contracts Request paper copy
Anti-Fraud Policy Request paper copy
Whistleblowing Policy Request paper copy
Anti-Bribery Policy Request paper copy
Anti-Money Laundering Policy Request paper copy

2.5. Staff Pay and Grading Structures

Details of the College pay budget and/or levels of expenditure on pay can be found in Section 2.2 as part of the Annual Members Report and Financial Statements (see note 7) or the Revenue Budget (section 2.1).

Details of senior postholders remuneration can also be found in the Annual Members Report and Financial Statements (see note 8).

Individual salaries are confidential and are not disclosed under FOI.

Staff allowances and expenses are paid in accordance with HMRC guidance and in accordance with College policy (this includes governors allowances).

Documents available

Expense and Benefits Policy Request paper copy

2.6. Register of Suppliers and Procurement and Tender Procedures

The overarching framework is detailed in Standing Orders Relating to Contracts, see section 2.4.

Documents available

Procurement Policy Request paper copy
Value for Money Policy Request paper copy
Value for Money Annual Report Request paper copy
Room Hire Policy Request paper copy

Note, the Value for Money Annual Report includes tender activity.

2.7. Contracts

Contracts with suppliers may be commercially sensitive and are not part of this guide.

Standard terms and conditions of trade are part of the Standing Orders Relating to Contracts (ref section 2.4).

3. How We Make Decisions

Corporation minutes are available on the College website under Corporation and Governance.

Minutes of the College Senior Management Team may also be requested.

4. Our Policies and Procedures

4.1. Policies and Procedures for Conducting College Business

Documents available

Strategic Plan Website - Guides & Policies
Annual Plan Website - Policies & Guides
Annual Report Website - Policies & Guides
Risk Policy Request paper copy
Complaints Policy Website - Policies & Guides

4.2. Policies and Procedures relating to Academic Services

Documents available

Full-Time Admissions Policy Request paper copy
A and AS Level Coursework and Portfolio Policy Request paper copy
A Level and GCSE Assessment Policy Request paper copy
Curriculum Policy Request paper copy
Examinations and Awards Policy Request paper copy
Internal Verification and Moderation Policy Request paper copy
Functional Skills Policy Request paper copy
Learning Support Policy Request paper copy
Quality Assurance Policy Request paper copy
Student Appeals Policy Request paper copy
Value Added Policy Request paper copy

4.3. Policies and Procedures relating to Student Services

Documents available

Attendance and Punctuality Policy Website - Policies & Guides
Career Education and Guidance Policy Website - Policies & Guides
Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy and Procedures Website - Policies & Guides
Code of Conduct and Student Discipline Website - Policies & Guides
Confidential Personal Counselling Policy Request paper copy
Guidance Policy - Substance Misuse Guidelines Request paper copy
Bursary Fund Policy 16-19 Request paper copy
Discretionary Learner Support Fund Policy 19+ Request paper copy
Discretionary Learner Support Fund Policy 24+ Request paper copy
Nursery Policy Request paper copy

4.4. Policies and Procedures relating to Human Resources

Documents available

Adoption Leave and Pay Policy Request paper copy
Capability Handling Policy Request paper copy
Disciplinary Procedure Request paper copy
Grievance Procedure Request paper copy
Maternity Policy Request paper copy
Parental Leave Request paper copy
Sickness Absence, Monitoring and Control Procedure Request paper copy
Harassment Policy Request paper copy

4.5. Policies and Procedures relating to Recruitment

Documents available

Probationary Period Policy Request paper copy
Recruitment of Ex-Offenders Policy Request paper copy

4.6. Code of Conduct

Documents available

Staff Code of Conduct Request paper copy

4.7 Equality and Diversity

The College has a Single Equality Scheme which is published on the College website together with the Equality and Diversity Annual Report.

4.8. Health and Safety and Estates Management

Documents available

Environmental Strategy Request paper copy
Health and Safety Policy Request paper copy
Investment and Property Strategy Request paper copy

4.9. Complaints Policies and Procedures

The College has a Complaints Policy (ref 4.1)

4.10. Records Management and Personal Data Policies

Documents available

Freedom of Information Policy Available on this page
Data Protection Policy Request paper copy
Retention of Documents Request paper copy

4.11. Charging Regimes and Policies

The College has a Tuition Fee Policy (ref 2.1). Other documents include:

Documents available

Economic Activities Guidelines and Rules Request paper copy
Policy on Charging Students Request paper copy
Refund Policy and Procedures Request paper copy

The charging regime between Halesowen College and Halesowen College Enterprises Ltd is defined in the following documents:

Documents available

Recharge Methodology Request paper copy
Memorandum of Understanding Request paper copy

4.12. Lists and Registers (including asset registers)

Details of College fixed assets can be found as part of the Annual Members Report and Financial Statements (ref 2.2)
The College does not publish all details from the asset register.

Register of interest and gifts and hospitality may be requested from the Principal’s office for staff and the Clerk to the Corporation for the governors.

4.13. Disclosure Logs

The College has a form which is completed following a FOI request. These may be viewed provided that Data Protection legislation is observed and they are not commercially sensitive/subject to any other exemption.

Note: A full list of all College policies may be requested and/or a copy of a policy not listed above (outside the scope of this guide). The College believes it to be too onerous to provide a hard copy of all policies.

5. The Services We Offer

5.1. Halesowen College offers a broad curriculum and extensive opportunities for students

Information about College Open Events, transport to College and College life in general can be found on the College website.

Halesowen College also works in partnership with local schools and universities. Much information can be found by visiting the website.

The College has excellent links with employers and the local community; please see news items on the website.