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 HCR is Halesowen College's very own radio station situated at the College in Block 2 and Block 7.

HCR started back in 1998 as HCFM broadcasting on a loop around the college. As the station grew, more and more presenters have joined the station and it has continued to grow till this day. In 2003, the decision was made to aquire a LPAM licence for the radio station to broadcast on 1386AM and in 2007 to broadcast online.

The course  Radio Production / Broadcasting Skills is part of college studies.

The course consists of the following:

1. Effective operation of equipment and microphones
2. Code of practice and announcing techniques
3. Production of a suitable radio show
4. Producing a broadcast promotion and advertising poster
5. An on air interview
6. Promotion of the radio to other organisations
7. Understanding AM, FM and online radio.

 Contact the station on 0121 602 7658. 

EMAIL: hcr@halesowen.ac.uk

ARCHIVE: www.flickr.com/photos/hcrinternational 

INTERVIEWS: www.soundcloud.com/hcrinternational