Welcome to Halesowen College

The staff at the Student Hub in Block 2 and at Shenstone Reception will be happy to help you with any questions now and throughout the year. However, the start of the year is very busy and you may find yourself in a long queue.

So to help get you started we’ve answered the questions that many students ask at this time of the year.

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Computer Accounts and Mobile Device access

How do I setup my computer user account?

Note: You need to use a College PC and you’ll need your College ID card because it contains your student number.

Username: activate
Password: (leave blank)

Complete the requested information.

If this doesn’t work it’s likely that you haven’t yet been set up on the central system (the system doesn’t know about you). In this case, please go to Student Services for help.

When you’ve set up your account you’ll have access to the College systems, including Moodle and StaRS, which you’ll learn about in your induction.

How do I get on the College WiFi?

Note: You need to set up your College account before you can connect to the WiFi.
Download our WiFi connection guide

Where do I get my timetable?

When you’ve set up your user account, you can find your timetable on STaRS:
Click here to visit STaRS

Until then, you can get a copy of your timetable from the Student Hub in Block 2. It’s a good idea to take a photo on your phone in case you lose the paper copy.

What if my timetable is incomplete or wrong?

If your timetable has missing information, such as room numbers, please continue to check on STaRs or at the Student Hub, because this information will be added when the rooming is updated.

If your timetable shows the wrong subjects, go to see Taskforce (downstairs in Block 5 in room 5.103 opposite the double doors).


How do I use the College Coaches?

To use the free buses you need to be allocated a bus route. This will be added to your student ID card and when you get on and off the coach you’ll need to show your card to the driver.

Where can I find out about the bus routes and timetables?

The bus service operates at the beginning and end of each College day and at lunchtime.

Here’s a quick summary of the routes we run:
Bus Routes Summary

For the individual timetables see:
College Bus Service

Can I have more than one College bus pass?

In certain circumstances, for example when students live with parents/carers at different addresses, it’s possible to be given a second bus route. Visit the Student Hub for more information.

How do I get a 16-18 West Midlands Photocard for use on public transport?

In order to apply for a card you need a UVC (Unique Validation Code) from the College. You can get a UVC from the Student Hub once you’ve enrolled and been given a student number.

Can I park on the College car park?

Generally, students are not permitted to use the College car parks. If you have special circumstances, for example a medical condition, please apply in writing to Sue Crowley.

Food and Drink

Where can I buy food and drink?

Whittingham Road has a MegaMunch in Block 8 that offers a range of sandwiches, salads, wraps and hot food options, such as baked potatoes and pasties, plus soft drinks, tea, coffee and hot chocolate. You’ll also find crisps, sweets and chocolate bars.

There’s also a Starbucks in Block 11 where you can buy posh coffee and smoothies, and a variety of snacks.

Shenstone House has a College Munch with a Starbucks Coffee outlet.

Coombs Wood has a College Munch with a range of chilled food items. There’s also a selection of vending machines that sell snacks.

Where can I spend my College meal credits?

College meal credits are added to student ID cards and can be used to buy food and drinks in any of the College shops. They can’t be used outside college, for example in town.

Financial Support

Can I get financial support?

You need to visit the Student Hub to apply for financial support because you’ll need to show evidence to prove that you’re eligible.

In the meantime you can check to see if you’re eligible. If you think you are, you can fill out an application form.

For full details and copies of the application forms visit our Financial Support Page or pick up a Finance Guide at the Student Hub.

You need to apply by Friday 8 September 2017.

What kind of support is available?

You may be able to get financial help for meals; equipment, uniform and books; trips and visits; and childcare.

How long before I hear if my application has been successful?

Applications are assessed within 5 working days.

Student Guide

You can find more useful information in the Student Guide.
Download our Student Guide