Counselling – Interpersonal Skills L1 (Dudley Wood)

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Why study this course?

This qualification is designed to introduce learners to interpersonal skills for use in work, learning or personal situations. It will give learners an understanding of a range of interpersonal skills, how they’re used and how these skills can help them to work effectively with others. The qualification will increase learners’ self-awareness to aid their personal development. 


This qualification will develop learners’ personal and social skills to aid relationship building and allow learners to operate independently and effectively in life, learning and work. It will introduce interpersonal skills for use in work or personal relationships/raise awareness of how interpersonal skills are used and how they can enhance relationships/give an understanding of the ethical use of interpersonal skills/increase self-awareness and aid personal development/show an understanding of and develop interpersonal skills. 

The course is suitable for professionals employed in education, welfare or social services wishing to develop a counselling/helping/mentoring role. It is also appropriate for those working in a voluntary capacity with self-help groups or other agencies. It will be necessary to do work at home compiling a folder of evidence from classwork at least 2-3 hours a week.  

While completing this qualification, learners may develop the knowledge, understanding and essential skills employers look for in employees. These range from familiar ‘key skills’, such as team working, independent learning and problem solving, to more tricky-to-measure skills, such as: 

  • an appreciation for appropriate behaviour and dress 
  • appropriate interpersonal skills 
  • communicating with professional colleagues/peers and/or hierarchical seniors 
  • supporting other aspiring employees’ personal manners and deportment 

Learners who achieve this qualification could progress to a number of NCFE Level 2 qualifications in areas where interpersonal skills are of importance. It may also be useful to learners studying qualifications in the following sectors:  

  • health and social care 
  • counselling  
  • customer service  
  • community work  
  • youth work  
  • childcare  
  • education

Please note, this course is delivered at Dudley Wood Neighbourhood Centre.  

Course content

This course consists of four mandatory units: 

  1. Understandingthe use of Interpersonal Skills  
  2. Demonstrate Interpersonal Skills
  3. Understanding Assertiveness and Self-Esteem 

You will be continually assessed through classwork/journals and portfolio building.  

Completion of portfolio by end of course which will be internally and externally assessed. 

A completely signed off portfolio of evidence is mandatory by the end of the course for final assessment to take place 

Attendance will be monitored throughout the course (minimum 90%)  

Entry requirements

Candidate will need to 16 or over to enrol on this course.   

No prior knowledge is required to enrol on this course. 


Writing materials and a lever arch folder for portfolio building. 

Day, time and duration


9.00am – 12.:00pm

10 weeks

Start date

Thursday 21st September 2023




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