Digital Reboot (Entry Level)

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Why study this course?

Digital Skills is for people who are facing today’s job market without the skills to effectively search for jobs online, send emails or use web forms and other digital services.

The course delivers the key competences you need for successful job-hunting or broadening your insight in to digital.

Suitable for learners who are looking to upskill to apply for jobs using digital platforms.  It will also give an insight in to possible routes in the IT industry and the courses available to upskill you digitally.

Course content

Units studied includes:

  1. Searching for jobs online
  2. Using social networks to find jobs
  3. Applying for jobs online
  4. Sending and receiving email
  5. Formatting documents and letters
  6. Using digital media and devices

Entry Requirements

Learners would need to have an interest in learning the skills to use digital devices.


Pen & Paper

Access to digital devices and possibly your own mobile device

Day, time and duration


2 weeks – 19/01/2023 – 26/01/2023


Start date

Thursday 19th January 2023



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