Digital Skills Bootcamp

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Why study this course?

The course is designed to upskill people with the digital business skills to gain sustainable employment whilst allowing those in work to keep pace with the digital revolution and avoid redundancy.

Do you want to further your career?  This could be the steppingstone you need to get into a range of careers within both IT or a business environment.  This will be achieved through training which cover some broad base essential skills including:

  • Office 365
    • The use of Microsoft Office products for activities such as word processing, spreadsheets, and databases. This will include effective planning and scheduling, PowerPoint presentation skills and general administration.
  • Web management and design
    • How to set up an introductory website using online content management sites.
  • Cyber security/ GDPR and data management
    • How to protect your system from attackers and look at how to secure your data. Including effective business processes and meeting appropriate business regulations.
  • Digital communications including social media
    • How to use social media and digital communication tools for different audiences. Effective planning and goal setting for social media marketing.

Course content

Units studied include:

  • Module 1: Office 365
  • Module 2: Web management and design
  • Module 3: Cyber security / GDPR and data management
  • Module 4: Digital communications including social media

You will be assessed via practical tasks and coursework portfolios to complete each unit.

You will obtain a college certificate at the end of the course.  You will have an interview at the end of the qualification, with the potential of employment.

Entry Requirements

There are no official entry requirements for this course just an interest in learning more about how to support business processes using IT productivity tools.


A pen, paper and enthusiasm!

Day, time and duration

9am-4.30pm Monday to Friday for 2 weeks


Start date

17th June 2024



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