Microsoft Office Skills Level 2

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Why study this course?

The following is designed to support and assess learners of all ages, to enable them to become confident in using the computer to process information and produce documents for personal and professional use.

The WMCA strategy is aimed at ensuring:

  • Everyone has access to an affordable device & connection, feels confident to access the internet & basic services
  • Everyone can access digital jobs, particularly young people and those at risk of redundancy
  • The supply of digital skills meets demand

With Microsoft Office 365 products being cloud (internet based) services, this course will also help with “reducing the number of internet ‘non-users’ in the West Midlands from the highest level nationally down to the UK average (22% to 15%).”

You will be assessed via internally assessed coursework. This could be a combination of written report/assignment writing, presentations, infographics, viva’s, practical, and discussions.


Course content

This course will give the skills to use Microsoft Office products for the workplace.  It is designed to upskill in the main Microsoft products to ensure that you can keep up with the changing digital products used in most businesses.

There will be four units studied:

  1. Word Processing Software
  2. Presentation Software
  3. Spreadsheet Software
  4. Improving Productivity

Entry Requirements

Learners would be required to have a fundamental understanding of how to use a mouse and keyboard, how to turn on a computer and navigate the operating system.

Initial assessment and diagnostic tests will be available.

The diagnostic test is taken during the first week of the course. It takes about 1 hour.


No materials are required as everything required will be provided. Writing materials for notes might be preferable and a storage device might be desirable but not essential.

Day, time, duration


18 weeks (02/02/2023 – 29/06/2023)


Start date

Thursday 2nd February 2023



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