Vocational Course

Introduction to Painting


About this course

  • Investigation into traditional and contemporary painting
  • Development of sketch book and visual journal
  • Introduction to painting equipment, techniques and materials
  • Creative experimentation
  • Health and safety with professional practice
  • Application of formal elements of painting
  • Development of visual language skills
  • Development of personal concerns with painting
  • Review of personal development
  • Produce finished works

What will I learn?

  • Investigating information and developing research techniques for painting
  • Developing and handling media and materials for painting
  • Recognising and applying visual language and formal elements within painting
  • Working to a set brief within painting

How will I be assessed?

  • Presentation of portfolio of course work and individual outcomes
  • Assessed internally and externally moderated

What do I need?

To have an interest in painting

Additional Information

Will this course lead to a formal qualification?
Level 2 Certificate in Art, Design and Creative Studies

What is required for the first class?
* A3 Sketch book, pencils, eraser and pen
* A materials list will be given out on session 1

Who can I contact about the course?
Sean O’Brien: sobrien@halesowen.ac.uk

Course Costs

Course fee (2018/19) - £58.50
This fee includes course materials.