A Level Programme

Law A Level


About this course

Law is a fascinating subject as it affects every aspect of our lives and aids our understanding of how the Government, Parliament and the Judiciary operate in relation to each other.

The law is not fixed and it changes to meet the needs of society and to reflect a changing morality.

During the course you will learn about how everyone in society can play a part in shaping our law through our democratic system of government. A Level Law gives you plenty to think about and to discuss!

There are many different types of lawyers working in various areas of law and society and some will suit your personality, values and skills set more than others.

  • Corporate lawyers working for large banks
  • Public Sector lawyers working on behalf of councils on matters such as planning and child care
  • Private practice lawyers specializing in human rights, family law and criminal law
  • Lawyers who advise charities or work in law centres and for the Citizens Advice Bureau

What will I learn?

  • The Legal System
  • Criminal Law
  • Law Making
  • The Law of Tort
  • The Nature of Law
  • The Law of Contract

In all areas you will develop your knowledge and understanding of the law and the skills to apply your legal knowledge to scenario based situations.

Your evaluative skills will be developed by being able to demonstrate a critical awareness of the present state of the law and the need for reform.

How will I be assessed?

The course is assessed by three written exams.

What do I need?

You will need to achieve at least 5 GCSEs with 2 at Grade B/6 and 3 at Grade C/4

Additional Requirements: Grade 5 in English and Grade C/4 in a Humanities subject is preferred

Where can it take me?

  • Halesowen College - an exciting range of higher level courses, including Business HNC and Teaching
  • University - related degree, such as Law, Business, Sociology and Criminology
Court Clerk
Legal Editor
Police Officer

Additional Information

Success in the subject requires an interest in current legal affairs and changes in society.

You will need to read widely and write in a clear, concise and analytical manner and a good memory is essential because there are a lot of cases and principles to remember.

A commitment to progress your study outside the classroom is critical to achieving good grades.

Law combines well with most other subjects but is particularly compatible with Business, Accounts, History, English, Psychology, Sociology, Philosophy and Politics.