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Computer Science A Level

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About this course

The course is designed to give you an insight into how computers work.

You will learn about the different components and how each of them interacts to make a working machine.

You will also learn how computers communicate with each other over a network. In addition you will learn how to write your own programs using the widely used programming language Java.

As well as introducing you to the world of computing, the course will develop your problem solving skills, which can be applied throughout all of your subjects.

What will I learn?

During the course you will study units including:

  • Computer Programming & Problem Solving - improving your problem solving skills, learning to program in Java and design and build programs to solve various problems

  • Computer Components - covering the internal components of a computer, how they process information and communicate

  • Computer Science Concepts - further Computer Science concepts, such as operating systems, complex algorithms, databases and networking

  • Practical Project - completion of a project in a computing field such as problem simulation, data processing or robotics. The project will develop your computing skills in analysis, design, implementation, testing and evaluation.

How will I be assessed?

The course is assessed by written exams and an element of coursework.

What do I need?

You will need to achieve at least 5 GCSEs with 2 at Grade B/6 and 3 at Grade C/4.
Additional Requirement: Grade 6 in Maths

Where can it take me?

  • Halesowen College - an exciting range of higher level courses, including Teaching and Computing HNC/D
  • University - related degree such as Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence and Software Engineering
Software Project Manager
Software Developer
Network Engineer
Robotics Designer

Additional Information

You will need access to a computer at home and a USB stick or online storage will be helpful.

Computer Science combines well with Mathematics and Physics.