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GCSE English Language

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About this course

The course is a challenging, but rewarding, examination of English language. You will develop and improve your reading and writing skills as well as your understanding of how language is used to persuade, argue, inform etc.

For students needing to improve their skills, we also have courses in English 'Working towards GCSE'

What will I learn?

You will need to complete four written pieces and three speaking and listening tasks to a suitable standard. Written work is completed under supervised controlled conditions. Written work (40% of your GCSE)

  • Narrative Writing - from a selection of titles specified by the exam board. Previous titles have included 'Hero' and 'The Test' - 1 hour (7.5%)
  • Descriptive Writing - from a selection of titles specified by the exam board. Previous subjects have included 'The Beach' and 'The Railway Station' - 1 hour (7.5%)
  • Studying Written Language - 'An Inspector Calls' by JB Priestly - 2 hours (15%)
  • Studying Spoken Language - analysing spoken language used in context - 2 hours (10%)

Speaking and listening tasks

  • Communicating and Adapting Language (individual activity)
  • Interacting and Responding (group discussion)
  • Creating and Sustaining Roles (drama based activity)

The final part of your GCSE will consist of two, one hour exams (60% of your GCSE)

  • Writing paper - you will have the opportunity to write for a range of audiences and purposes for example, letters, articles, leaflets, reviews etc.
  • Reading paper - you will study two non-fiction texts, for example, advertisements, reports, articles, from newspapers, magazines, brochures and the internet.

What do I need?

Specific Requirements

  • hold a previous GCSE at grade D if you are resitting the course
  • be performing at Level 1 or above in the assessment that we give you prior to starting the course and complete a free writing task to an appropriate standard

Additional Information

What is required for the first class?

Writing materials

Who can I contact about the course?

Part-time Admissions on 0121 602 7799

How much will the course cost?

Tuition Fee (2015-16)

Full Tuition Fee - FREE (if you already have a C and wishes to improve see ECA)

**Total Cost - FREE

Only tuition fee payable at time of enrolment