The SEND Offer

Halesowen College is rated 6th in the National Centre for Diversity’s Top 100 most inclusive workplaces, recognising commitment to promoting a welcoming and inclusive environment for staff and students, including those with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND).  At Halesowen College you will find an inclusive environment that meets your individual SEND needs, that supports you to achieve your full potential both personally and professionally, with a focus on supporting you to achieve your goals and future aspirations.

If you disclose a health condition, you will be asked about this in more detail, so that you can be kept safe in college.

The values at Halesowen College incorporate Inclusion, Care, Ambition and Respect where both staff and student’s wellbeing is paramount, and where everyone can be themselves. The College actively encourages you to disclose your SEND requirements as early as possible so that we can endeavour to meet them as soon as possible, so you can Learn, Succeed and Flourish. 

What Ofsted said about support for learners with SEND and high needs during inspection, September 2023:

Learners with high needs complete self-assessment to identify the skills they need to develop during their time at college. They review their skills, such a communication, resilience, confidence and independence. Learners improve their self-confidence and cope better with anxiety.

Learners with additional learning support needs, including those with high needs, receive the support they need to make similar progress to their peers. Teachers work well with learning support staff. They work closely to enusre that support assistants undertstand the curriculum and what each of the learners they are supporting are studying.

Halesowen College provides high quality support for you during your time here to:

  • support you make the transition from school to college making this as smooth and comfortable as possible
  • help you understand the differences between school and college life and the expectations of you as a college student
  • provide you with the support you need on your course and in examinations to meet your specific needs
  • support you to make choices about your future 

Halesowen College is committed to:

  • ensuring you have a positive experience of college life
  • providing specialist support for your specific needs
  • developing your confidence and independence as well as new skills
  • preparing you for adulthood and the world of work

There are several ways that your Special Educational Needs and/or Disability may be identified:

  • if you have an Education Health and Care Plan (EHCP)
  • discussion with your previous school
  • at interview
  • from your application form
  • from your enrolment form

There is also the opportunity for your college teachers to make a referral to the Learning Support Team if they feel you require additional support.

Education Health Care Plans (EHCP)

We work closely with several local authorities to ensure that, if you have an EHCP, your identified needs and support provision can be met at Halesowen College in line with the SEND agenda.    

Transition Support

If you have an EHCP or are particularly anxious about starting college. We will provide you with additional transition activities and support to ensure that your move from school to college is as smooth as possible, making you feel confident in the college environment. Your transituoin may include:

  • attendance to a college Open Event(s) where you will meet curriculum staff, learning support staff, other college support staff and have the opportunity to make an application during your visit
  • attendance to a transition event specifically if you have an EHCP or are particularly anxious about the move to college
  • you can request additional visits to college during the academic year, as well as during the summer to help you become more familiar with staff and the college environment
  • you will meet teaching staff to have a chat about the course applied for
  • you will meet learning support staff who will discuss your specific support needs with you, have a chat about the college and answer your questions
  • you will be invited to attend college Welcome Day to welcome you to Halesowen College, meet staff and be provided with information you will find useful as well as a goodie bag
  • you will have college induction before starting start your course where you will be provided with additional information and your timetable
  • you can have informal meetings with college staff before starting your course in September

Key Worker  

If you have and EHCP you will be allocated a Key Worker from the Learning Support Team. Your Key Worker will:

  • Be an advocate for you if needed
  • Liaise with you and your parents / guardian about your support
  • Create an individual support plan just for you so that all staff know how to support you in lessons
  • Complete a review with you three times during the year to find out how you are getting on, review your support needs and see how you are doing against your targets
  • Discuss any changes to support needed

The Hive in 5 

The Hive in 5 is an accessible facility for all SEND students to access. The facility provides universal support during the day from 8.30am until 4.30pm. It is a quiet space, with a small sensory area that may be needed for self-regulating activity The Hive in 5 is located within a quiet area of the college but remains an integral part of the mainstream provision.

  • The main area of the Hive in 5 provides:
    • A meet and greet area
    • A quiet and comfortable seating area with cushions/beanbags to be used for students to relax, self-regulate and socialise – developing friendships and building social and communication skills.
    • A quiet space for students needing time out and to self-regulate.
    • Computers allowing students who need time out to continue with their learning and / or LSA staff who work with them on a one to one basis during mentoring sessions.

o   Fun activities take place that support the development of ‘soft’ and ‘new’ skills, that include communication skills, problem solving, confidence, independence, maths and English as well as understanding emotions achieved through social activities.  

  • The conservatory area is set up for:
    • Students to eat their lunch, socialise with others, promoting and developing social skills and those needing a quiet place to eat, or those who have eating disorders.
  • Sensory area
    • to provide students with more complex needs, a safe area to self-regulate when needed.
  • The Hive in 5 is supervised by Learning Support staff at all times. Students who need time out can sit quietly or chat to a member of staff. Students are supported and encouraged to return to class when they are ready
  • The Hive in 5 boasts a garden accessible to all SEND students. The outside spaces provides an area for specific gardening activities and will include a seating area students can use during good weather

Personal Coach

At Halesowen College you will be part of a tutor group and have an dedicated Persocal Coach. You will have regular contact with your Personal Coach and they will:

  • Monitor your attendance to ensure you are able to get into college
  • Discuss any concerns you may have at college
  • Support your professional and personal developmnt
  • Work closely with the Learning Support Team to revierw your support needs  

Head of Student Support

As well as the Learning Support Team and Personal Coach, you will have a Head of Student Support who you can talk to, to discuss any other support you feel you may need. The Head of Student Support will liaise with the Personal Coach and Learning Support to make any adaptations to support required.

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