We have an excellent Library Service at the Whittingham Road (upstairs, Block 5) and Shenstone House (Floor 3) campuses. The service offers many resources including books, ebooks, online resources, journals, laptops, PCs/Macs, printers, photocopiers and study space. Reservations can be made on all books, and can be sent between the two sites if required. At the Whittingham Road site there is also an Independent Study room, which is particularly popular during revision periods.

The Library Staff help students find resources, assist with referencing, connect to free College WiFi, use the computers etc. The computers can be booked up to 7 days in advance, which helps students to manage their study time. An FAQ page is available on the Library Resources site which includes basic information about using the Library Service and several user guides.

Please view Library Resources for more information.

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