The Students’ Union (SU) is a symbol of the partnership between students and staff that is such a distinctive feature of College life.

The SU does all it can to represent the interests of students and receives an annual grant from the College. The main aims are:

  • To act as a democratic channel for discussion between students and the College Leadership Team
  • To promote, organise or subsidise social, cultural and educational activities
  • To educate its members in democratic procedures

The SU operates under a Constitution and Code of Practice approved by the College Corporation. Elected representatives from each tutor group take part in decision making at the SU Council and are responsible for communications between the students and the SU.

The President and other officers make up the Executive Committee. The President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary are elected by the students, while other officers are chosen by and from the SU Council.

All College students over the age of 16 studying for more than 150 guided learning hours per year are entitled to be members of the SU.

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