Black Lives Matter


The Principal and Deputy Principal of the College have made the following statement:

The Black Lives Matter protests have drawn attention to the systematic racism black people are facing not just in the USA, but around the world.  If you feel anger, pain, suffering or shock, this is understandable, and we urge you to get in touch with us.

Black Lives Matter is a response to the historic and continued oppression and marginalisation of black people.  For many of our students, the Black Lives Matter campaign will be their first experience of political movements and politics.  We acknowledge many of our students will find their voice and use it.  We encourage students to engage in debates and think constructively about making a future for all.  It takes commitment from everybody to make real, meaningful progress.  As a College we are about building a future which allows all students to learn, flourish and succeed.

The College values social and cultural diversity and we are committed to equality of opportunity.  We aim to ensure students find the College an inclusive and welcoming place to study.  As a student focused organisation with values based on trust, integrity and respect, we acknowledge the College has to do more to support and protect our black students and staff.  We will continue to actively listen to our staff and students, and work to address and eliminate racial discrimination.

We will be proactive in asking our black students during tutorial sessions on Campus if they have experienced racism.  We will educate our audiences about the history and politics of anti-racist campaigning.  Providing free, public lectures for our University Centre Halesowen, and ensuring resources and literature are available, are just a couple of ways in which the College will continue to work to highlight, address and eliminate racial discrimination.

It takes commitment from everybody to make real, meaningful change.  We want to know what more we can do.  We want to know what people think works, and what we need to change to make Black Lives Matter.  We will ask our students, their parents, carers and the community to engage with us and share how they have and are taking part in the Black Lives Matter campaign.

Please share with us your thoughts, suggestions or concerns by emailing:

We continue to stand up to racism and oppression and stand in solidarity with the black community.

If you are a student studying with us, and would like support at this time, please contact a member of our College’s Safeguarding Team who are available to help you.  Their contact details are as follows:

Posted: 17th June 2020

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