FE Commissioner visit


FE Commissioner Shelagh Legrave has visited Halesowen College to see the work of staff and students.

The Commissioner toured the College during a welcome day for new students starting in September. She also spent time with current students and asked them a variety of questions.

Jacquie Carmen, Principal Designate at Halesowen College, said: “It is very prestigious for the Commissioner to visit and we are excited to showcase the excellent work of staff and the achievements of students.”

Shelagh said: ““I was delighted to see lots of activities with new learners. Halesowen College is a vibrant and welcoming environment; it is the college for its local community.”

The FE Commissioner and her team of deputies work with further education colleges to improve their quality and financial resilience. This team is part of the Department for Education.

They work closely with key teams within DfE and Ofsted and alongside broader partners, including the Education and Training Foundation, the Association of

Colleges, the Sixth Form Colleges Association, and other representative groups, as well as with employers and employer representatives.


For more details please contact the Principal’s office on 0121 602 7777.




Posted: 18th July 2023

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