Halesowen College announces appointment of its new Principal


Governors and staff at Halesowen College are delighted to announce the appointment of Jacquie Carman as Principal and Chief Executive.

Jacquie has been central to its staff team for over 20 years, her most recent post being Vice Principal and Chief Operations Officer.

In taking up this post, Jacquie will look to move the College forward ensuring that through the delivery of the highest quality education and skills development, Halesowen College will transform lives and shape futures.

Commenting on her new appointment as Principal, Jacquie said “it is an honour to have the opportunity to motivate, encourage and lead with positivity and a genuine passion for the local area and the Halesowen College community.  I am committed to providing an outstanding experience for learners of all ages and levels of ability.  I will be excited to welcome students to our new campus Trinity Point in 2024.”

Chair of Governors, Jo Chilton commented “Jacquie’s appointment to Principal is welcomed by the Board of Governors and the College staff.  Jacquie demonstrates a true commitment to the College, an investment in improving the student experience and providing the local area with a skilled and developed workforce.”

Halesowen College is a tertiary College offering a broad and impactful curriculum for young people and adults, alongside apprenticeships and Higher Education.  The College is ambitious, caring and inclusive ensuring that all of our students flourish and succeed.

To study a range of courses at Halesowen College please visit our website at www.halesowen.ac.uk



Posted: 18th September 2023

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