Stuart Deeley Professional Chef Academy Launches


Halesowen College is delighted to launch the Stuart Deeley Professional Chef Academy.

Former Halesowen College Student and Professional Chef Stuart Deeley has been working alongside College staff to develop an extended curriculum that will enable learners to build on their current skills and have an insight into the modern fine dining industry.

Stuart will be sharing techniques that he has developed through his experience in Michelin starred restaurants and will give an insight into winning Masterchef: The Professionals in 2019.

Stuart said: “I want to be able to give a little bit back. I want to come back to the College and be a helping hand for the students and that’s why we are setting up the Stu Deeley Professional Chef Academy, to bridge that gap between College and the workplace. We want to give the students exactly what they need to thrive in the industry.”

Along with Stuart, there will be an excellent roster of guest speakers who will be providing students with a range of demonstrations and experiences.

Stuart said, “We will bring in chefs that are current and doing great things in the industry at the moment to show the students what they can aspire to”.

Courses included in the academy are:

If you are interested in being part of Stuart’s Academy in 2021-2022 then you can apply for the above courses now.

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Posted: 2nd November 2020

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