Access to HE (Science) Pharmacy Pathway

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Why study this course?

Access to HE is a nationally recognized qualification designed for individuals who want to pursue higher education but may not have traditional qualifications, such as A-Levels. It’s a flexible pathway for adults who are returning to education or seeking a career change.

Pharmacy is a dynamic and rewarding profession at the forefront of healthcare. Pharmacists play a crucial role in patient care, from dispensing medications to providing valuable advice on health and wellbeing. With Access to Access to HE Diploma (Science) Pharmacy Pathway, you’ll gain the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in this vital field.

Students who successfully complete an Access to HE Diploma (Science) Pharmacy Pathway course can apply for various undergraduate degrees related to pharmacy and healthcare. Here are some common options:

Bachelor of Pharmacy (BPharm): This is the most direct route for students aiming to become pharmacists. A BPharm degree typically takes four years to complete and provides comprehensive training in pharmaceutical sciences, pharmacology, pharmacy practice, and clinical pharmacy.

Pharmacy with a Foundation Year: Some universities offer pharmacy degrees with an integrated foundation year. This option is suitable for students who may not meet the typical entry requirements for a BPharm program but have completed an Access to HE courses.

Pharmacology: A degree in pharmacology focuses on the study of drugs, their effects on the body, and how they can be used to treat diseases. Graduates may pursue careers in drug research and development, pharmaceutical sales, or regulatory affairs.

Pharmaceutical Science: This degree covers the science behind drug development, formulation, manufacturing, and quality control. Graduates may work in research and development, production, or quality assurance within the pharmaceutical industry.

Biomedical Science: Biomedical science degrees explore the science behind human health and disease. Topics may include anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, immunology, and microbiology. Graduates may pursue careers in healthcare, research, or academia.

Health Sciences: Health sciences degrees offer a broad understanding of healthcare delivery, public health, epidemiology, and health promotion. Graduates may work in various roles within healthcare organizations, government agencies, or non-profit organizations.

It’s essential for students to research specific universities and their degree programs to determine which ones align with their career goals and interests. Additionally, students should check the entry requirements for each program, as they may vary between institutions.

Course content

The course includes a range of different modules designed to give the students relevant skills and knowledge required to progress onto a chosen degree course. Along with the three main modules (Biology and Chemistry) students will also work on their Study Techniques and have a tutorial guidance for a UCAS application.

The list below is some of the units studied on the Access to HE Diploma (Science) Pharmacy Pathway:


  • Fundamentals to Chemistry
  • Atomic Structure and Bonding
  • Periodic Table
  • Energetics
  • Hydrocarbons
  • Practical Scientific Project


  • Cell Biology and Biochemistry
  • Human Disease and Prevention
  • Human Nutrition and the Digestive system
  • Respiration and Circulation

There are a range of strategies used to assess each unit on the science diploma, these vary and could come in the form of a presentation, a professional discussion, essay, podcast, academic poster, report, or video. Each assessment will be marked and graded by your lecturer and then returned to you along with useful feedback and tips for improvement.

Entry Requirements

You require a GCSE grade C/ 4 in English Language or an equivalent qualification, such as L2 Functional Skills English.

It is desirable to have GCSE grade C/ 4 in Maths or an equivalent qualification, such as L2 Functional Skills Maths as well. If not, you can study this alongside your Access to HE Diploma (Science) Pharmacy Pathway, as you will need it for your degree qualification.


You will need access to notebooks and stationery.

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