Spiking Awareness

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Unit 1: Spiking Awareness

  • Section 1: Understand what ‘spiking’ is – The facts
  • Section 2: Awareness of spiking – The why
  • Section 3: Skillscast (video content only)
  • Section 4: Understand how to support businesses and people when spiking takes place – The how

Section 1 summary:

In this section, learners will explore what spiking is, the side effects of spiking and the different types of drugs used. Learners will also be introduced to common motives, and where spiking falls under the Sexual Offences Act 2003.

Section 2 summary:

In Section 2, learners will be able to outline why it’s important for everyone to have awareness and understanding of spiking, as well as how spiking impacts different communities within society.

Section 3 summary:

This section is video content only. Learners will watch interviews with the CEO of Stamp Out Spiking, a nurse, and victims of spiking.

Section 4 summary:

In the final unit, learners will cover ways in which businesses and individuals can be supported when spiking takes place. Learners will be introduced to strategies businesses can take to prevent spiking, and how to signpost someone if they disclose that they have been spiked.

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