Access Award in Accounting Software

Access (Level 1) qualifications are an entry point for students who need additional support to develop their finance or business skills. These qualifications are designed to give students the introductory knowledge and confidence to take on higher level AAT qualifications and to progress in their lives and careers.

How will I be assessed?

Computer based assessment 1.5 hours

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What units will be studied?

Preparing for Work

This unit will help students to prepare to seek employment in a wide range of sectors and to develop the skills that they need to contribute effectively in the workplace. Students will explore the key features of different types of organisations and the sectors in which they operate. They will learn the purpose of different organisations and how they operate, and also how organisations are commonly structured.

Using Numbers in Business

Numeracy is an essential business skill and helps an employee to operate more effectively in any workplace. However, students will also encounter many situations outside work where basic numeracy is required. Completing this unit will help students to develop their confidence and their ability to use numbers in a range of situations, both in work and outside work.

Sales and Purchases in Business

This unit focuses on organisations that aim to make a profit rather than those operating in the not-for-profit or public sector. Studying this unit will help students to understand the importance of sales and purchases, and the procedures that support them, to the success of those businesses.

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