Digital Foundation T Level

The course is aimed at developing a range of skills that will enable you to transition in to one of tour digital T level pathways. This will involve gaining industry relevant technical knowledge and practical skills. You will also have time to improve your maths and English skills.

The structure of the programme will be:

  • GCSE English and Maths
  • 3 hours per week discreet session. 1 hour per week contextualised in curriculum.

IT related content (includes Vendor qualification or general IT level 2 qualification)

NTO’s (National Technical Outcomes) covered in this part of the transition programme are:

  • Outcome 1 (O1). Explore data analysis solutions
  • Outcome 2 (O2). Design a cyber security resilience plan.

Pathway specific project

NTO’s covered in this part of the transition programme are:

  • Outcome 3 (O3). Produce digital solutions

This will be based around the following 5 areas:

  • AO1 plan an approach to meet the project brief
  • AO2 apply core knowledge and skills as appropriate
  • AO3 select relevant techniques and resources to meet the brief
  • AO4 use maths, English and digital skills as appropriate
  • AO5 realise a project outcome
  • Work experience/work related activity.

How will I be assessed?

The course is assessed through a combination of exams and coursework.

The coursework will be made up of practical sessions and may be built into projects, allowing you to develop and showcase all your academic, personal and employability skills. This will mainly take place through classroom-based activities as opposed to in the workplace.

What do I need?

4 x Grade 3s at GCSE, with at least a grade 3 in English and a grade 4 in Maths.

Where can it take me?

On to the T level programme after successful completion of the transition programme and achieving Maths and English at grade 5 or above.

Additional information

The course leader is Richard Johnson who can be contacted on

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