Drama - A Level - Year 1

Drama is an exciting, creative and challenging course that allows you to develop your passion for theatre.

The course increases your theatrical understanding of plays and performance and encourages you to develop and apply practical acting techniques and directing skills through the study of a variety of theatrical works.

You will study two set plays, classical and contemporary and make evaluative judgements of live theatre performances in preparation for the exam. In addition, you will work as a part of a group to present several extracts from a wide variety of plays and create an original devised performance for an audience. You will also undertake research into influential practitioners and theatrical styles, discussing practical rehearsal techniques as part of written coursework. Throughout the course you will prepare for several public performances and be involved in a number of workshops, including working with visiting theatre companies.

How will I be assessed?

The course is assessed by practical performances supported by coursework (60%) and by written exam (40%).

What do I need?

You will need to achieve at least 5 GCSEs – 2 at Grade 6 and 3 at Grade 5 including English. An audition will also be required.

Where can it take me?

  • Halesowen College - you can progress to an exciting range of higher level courses, including Teaching.
  • University or Drama School - related degrees including Drama, Theatre Studies, Stage Design & Management and Teaching. Progression to Drama Schools is another possible option.
  • Careers - This course is ideal if you are interested in Performing, Directing, Stage Design, Stage Management, Producing and Teaching.

Additional information

You must be prepared to attend theatre visits and extra rehearsals during the course. These may include after College hours and working during holidays.

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