Geology - A Level - Year 1

A Level Geology deals with the study of the Earth. It is a broad, Science based subject that is ideally studied alongside other Sciences and/or Geography. No previous knowledge of Geology is required, but a good understanding of Maths, English and Science is essential.

Geology is about understanding how our planet works and unravelling its history by understanding Earth processes and using this knowledge to interpret rocks. It covers a range of real life geological contexts (e.g. Earthquakes, Volcanoes, Palaeontology, Geohazards in Britain, Climate Change and the challenges that face contemporary geoscience).

You will have access to the fantastic facilities we have for this subject in a specialist Geology laboratory. You will also learn how to interpret rocks and fossils to reconstruct past episodes of Earth history and make accurate records of rocks in the field.

During the course you will study the following units:

Year 1

  • Development of practical skills in Geology
  • Foundations in Geology
  • Global tectonics
  • Interpreting the past

Year 2

  • Development of practical skills in Geology
  • Foundations in Geology
  • Global tectonics
  • Interpreting the past
  • Petrology and economic Geology
  • Geohazards
  • Basin analysis
  • How will I be assessed?

    Assessment will be by a combination of written examination papers and practical assessments.

    What do I need?

    You will need to achieve at least 5 GCSEs – 2 at Grade 6 including Double Science and 3 at Grade 5 including Maths.

    Where can it take me?

    • Halesowen College - you can progress to an exciting range of higher level courses, including Applied Science HNC/D.
    • University - related degrees including Geology, Geophysics, Earth Systems Science, Physical Geography, Earth and Planetary Sciences, Applied Environmental Science, Mining Engineering, Engineering Geology and Geotechnics and Hazard Management.
    • Careers - This course is ideal if you are interested in a career in Oil, Gas & Mineral Exploration, Geotechnical Engineering, Waste Disposal, Quarry Management, Teaching, Palaeontology, Micropalaeontology and research.

    Additional information

    There are opportunities to participate in numerous field trips and you will need suitable outdoor clothing, including waterproofs, hiking boots and a safety helmet.

    Field trips throughout the course, including a trip to Anglesey and a residential field trip to Dorset in the second year, will go towards your practical endorsement component.

    It’s worth noting that Geology graduates who are prepared to work abroad command some of the highest starting salaries of any graduates!

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