Mathematics - A Level - Year 1

Mathematics is an interesting and challenging subject at A Level that builds on topics studied at GCSE. The course is best suited to students who enjoy problem solving. New ideas and topics will be introduced providing you with a strong foundation for studying Maths, Engineering and Science subjects at university. A Level Maths is extremely valuable as a supporting subject to many courses including Geography, Psychology, Engineering, Sociology and Medicine.

A Level Maths is essential for entry to a wide variety of courses at university. Additionally, it will give you a greater understanding of the variety of ways in which Mathematics is applied in the real world.

In the first year you will study Pure Core Maths with elements of Mechanics and Statistics.

Pure Core Maths – Algebra, Co-ordinate Geometry, Proof, Polynomials, Calculus, Trigonometry, Exponentials and Logarithms.

Mechanics – Vectors, Kinematics, Motion with Constant Acceleration, Forces & Motion, Newton’s Laws of Motion, Objects in Contact.

Statistics – Probability, Statistical Diagrams, Standard Deviation, Binomial Distribution, Hypothesis Testing.

In the second year you will continue to study Pure Core Maths, Mechanics and Statistics.

Pure Core Maths – Binomial Theorem, Algebra and Functions, Further Calculus, Further Trigonometry, Parametric equations and Numerical Methods.

Mechanics – Projectiles, Moments, Kinematics and Dynamics.

Statistics – Conditional Probability, Normal Distribution and Further Hypothesis Testing.

How will I be assessed?

The course is assessed by written exams.

What do I need?

You will need to achieve at least 5 GCSEs – 2 at grade 6 including Maths and 3 at Grade 5.

A diagnostic interview will also be required.

Where can it take me?

  • Halesowen College - you can progress to an exciting range of higher level courses including Teaching and HNC/Ds in Applied Biology, Applied Chemistry, Computing or Graphics
  • University - related degrees including Mathematics, Science, Medicine, Computing, Engineering and Physics.
  • Careers - This course is ideal if you are interested in a career in Science, Engineering, Finance, Accountancy, Medicine, Education or Computing.

Additional information

A class-wiz calculator is required for the course and final exams.

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