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Foundation Hospitality, Catering & Employability Entry 3/Level 1

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About this course

If you love preparing and cooking food at home or at school and would like to progress eventually into a career in the Hospitality and Catering Industry, then this Foundation course would suit you perfectly.

The course will give you a taste of the Catering sector, and involve you completing units in both food production in the College training kitchens and in food service within our Training Restaurant.

You will also complete a work placement, which will provide you with real ‘hands-on’ experience of the demanding catering industry.

What will I learn?

During the course you will complete written and practical assignments in units including:

  • Working in the Hospitality & Catering Industry – an introduction to the types of careers available to you and the working practices and skills you will require to enter the industry
  • Kitchen Equipment – covering the safe and hygienic use of catering equipment, including basic kitchen items, large specialist equipment and hand-held electrical food preparation equipment
  • Basic Food Preparation 1 – this will cover starters, light meals and snacks and cooking for special diets. Your dishes will be produced in one of the College’s many Training Kitchens and will be served in one of the food outlets in the College, such as a Restaurant, Shop or Refectory.
  • Basic Food Preparation 2 – making cakes, pastries and bread in one of our Training Bakery Kitchens. Your products will be served and sold in the College’s food outlets
  • Food and Drink Service – this will give you an introduction to serving a range of food and drinks to paying customers in our Training Restaurant
  • Menu Planning – an introduction to the principles of menu planning and costing. It will also help develop your knowledge of special dietary requirements within the Catering sector
  • Work Experience Preparation – helping to prepare you for a work experience placement. The placement will be in the Hospitality & Catering sector and last for one working week. It will also cover safe working practices while out on placement in the industry.
  • Using ICT in the Workplace – using different software to develop your creativity for promotional and other purposes within the Hospitality & Catering industry

How will I be assessed?

Assessment is through coursework. There are no external examinations.

What do I need?

  • To undertake a literacy and numeracy test and to have a satisfactory interview with a member of the Catering teaching staff at which you show you enthusiasm for passion for a career in the demanding Catering and Hospitality industry

Where can it take me?

  • College - Level 1 Catering course or Level 2 Professional Cooking or Bakery course
  • Jobs - a junior position in Catering & Hospitality

Additional Information

This course includes a one week work experience placement in the Catering Industry.

You will be required to purchase a chef’s uniform and a restaurant uniform (lists and suppliers will be given to you).