Halesowen College values social and cultural diversity and aims to ensure you will find the College to be an inclusive and welcoming place to study. We are a learner focused organisation with values based on trust, integrity and respect. We seek to provide a working environment free from harassment, discrimination and victimisation. We will not tolerate any form of discriminatory behaviour against actual or potential learners, visitors or employees.

The College aims to actively promote equality of opportunity and challenge discriminatory attitudes. Equality and diversity affects everyone as we all work in diverse teams with people of different genders, ethnic origins, sexual orientation, ability, beliefs, values, and working styles. It is important to understand what we mean by equality and diversity, how it impacts on everyday life, and the reasons for and benefits of promoting it. We are committed to creating an inclusive College, where people are treated with dignity and respect and where we anticipate and respond positively to different needs and circumstances so that everyone can achieve their potential.

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