Information for Parents

We want parents and guardians of our students to feel fully informed about life and progress at College.

You may receive emails and phone calls from your son/daughter’s personal coach and possibly from other members of teaching staff. We are also keen to hear your views and opinions about how well we are doing, so you may be asked to take part in telephone or paper surveys from time to time. Your views will help us maintain and develop a high quality service to students.

We are proud of the exemplary behaviour of the vast majority of our students.

A key difference from being in Year 11 is that, in College, students have to learn to accept responsibility for their own learning. We treat students as adults and expect them to behave as adults. Students need to be able to get to class on time (without the help of school bells) and undertake more studying in their own time than they did for GCSEs. Developing independent learning skills is a key part of College life and a necessary preparation for university and employment.

It would be very helpful if you would encourage your son/daughter to:

  • keep you regularly informed of the work they are doing
  • use the diary or STaRS (Student Tracking & Reporting System) for setting deadlines or action planning
  • use a defined workspace at home which is free from distractions, if possible
  • seek help and advice from teachers, personal coaches, senior tutors, the student support manager and/or counsellors when they feel the need
  • maintain a sensible balance between study and leisure time and, in some cases, the amount of time given to part-time jobs
  • take holidays at College vacation times only
  • make routine medical and dental appointments outside College time
  • inform their personal coach of any changes to personal circumstances, eg new phone number, family illness
  • inform the College when they know they will be absent due to illness (the absence line number is 0121 602 7675)
  • wear their student ID badge at all times around College to help maintain a safe environment for all