Supporting Learning & Achievement

Reporting to Parents and Guardians

Teaching staff comment on student achievement at least four times per year. These comments are then discussed, together with overall progress, with personal coaches during one-to-one interviews at key Review and Direction points. Each student’s progress and achievement is recorded on the Student Tracking & Reporting System (STaRS). STaRS records the information in a reportable format which can be accessed via a parental login.

You are very welcome to attend a Parents’ Evening where you can discuss your child’s progress in detail.

Tutorial Support & Guidance

The Student Support Services Team provides support and guidance to help students achieve their potential and to maximise opportunities for progression.

The cornerstone of the structure is the support provided by over 200 personal coaches who are supported by heads of school, senior tutors, managers and specialist services.

The tutorial support function is central to student success. Every full-time student has a personal coach whom they see on a weekly basis. The personal coach monitors and tracks student performance against target and provides support and guidance. Tutorial lessons include study skills, career and progression planning and a number of pastoral topics and activities throughout the year. In brief it covers the following:

  • a general welcome and induction to the College
  • a Skills for Success qualification ensuring students are aware of the demands of their course, develop appropriate skills and make a successful transition from school to college
  • helping with action plans and using STaRS to monitor progress in all lessons
  • conducting regular reviews of student progress and commitment
  • providing information for parents/guardians at parents’ evenings and when requested
  • providing advice on College services
  • advising on progression to employment or higher education and financial awareness
  • leading theme weeks covering topics on Equality and Diversity, Health, safety and Careers

It is important to record the name of your child’s personal coach and quote it when communicating with us. You are most welcome to contact the personal coach at any time to arrange a meeting to discuss your concerns or to find out how your daughter/son is progressing.

Attendance & Punctuality

Punctual attendance at classes, tutorials and examinations is a major factor in student achievement and is compulsory.

Personal coaches and teaching staff monitor student attendance and punctuality and take appropriate action when necessary. This may involve contacting home to inform parents/guardians of student absence. Please note that attendance is a criterion applied to Learner Support Fund awards, payment of registration and examination fees, and progression on to a further course of study at College.

Absence from College has a detrimental effect on progress and achievement. We request that students do not take holidays during term time.

To help us monitor attendance please contact the Absence Line on 0121 602 7675.

Student Learning Contribution

We will do all we can to develop potential through help, support and guidance, but every student needs to play a part to ensure their own success.


Students are expected to work in their own time, both at home and in College, on assignments, homework, exam preparation and research. Teaching staff will set regular pieces of work for students to complete outside formal timetabled classes.