Coronavirus (COVID-19) information for students and staff

Update — Thursday 13th August

Halesowen College have been working on a series of measures to allow staff and students to return to Campus safely in September.

We have also been working hard to ensure we are ready for the enrolment of new students. This will be done primarily online.

The risk assessment that the college has produced relating to COVID-19 can be found on the right-hand side of this webpage.

We look forward to welcoming both existing and new students to site in September.

How to keep up to date:

The College will continue to regularly update its social media platforms, and the website, including the Frequently Asked Questions covering advice for students and staff.

For more information:

Latest FAQs

Is Halesowen College safe to open in September?

Halesowen College have the Leaders in Safeguarding Quality Mark and have been working with the organisation to ensure the College is Covid-19 Aware. Last month we were recognised as a Covid-19 Aware Institution, which will reassure you the College is doing everything possible to lessen the impact of Covid-19, and support your return to Campus.

What are the start dates for 2020-21?

Start dates for teaching in the autumn term of 2020 is as follows:

  • 16-19 programmes, including A Levels and Vocational courses will begin week commencing 1st September 2020.
  • Higher Education programmes will begin week commencing 19th October 2020. Please note: if you are wishing to study the Diploma in Education & Training; FdA Early Years; FdSc Health & Social Care; or FdA Learning Support, these courses will begin week commencing 14th September 2020.
  • Adult part time programmes will begin week commencing 14th September 2020.

What does next academic year look like?

The College’s Academic Calendar for 2020-21 can be found on our website here:


If you are an applicant without an offer, we will contact you regarding advice and guidance. 
If you are an applicant with an offer, you will be contacted to virtually enrol in August.

If you are a returning student, you will be contacted to virtually enrol in August.


You will note that virtual enrolment will take place in August.  Arrangements are as follows:


Allocated days

Applicants due to virtually enrol

3rd-7th August

Adults, Access to HE, Higher Education, Foundation and ESOL

10-19th August

Vocational courses, excluding dog grooming

20-26th August

A Level courses will enrol, including dog grooming

How will we be taught from September?

In order to ensure a high quality, inclusive and engaging study programme, the College is considering four scenarios.  The table below details further.  Currently, Halesowen College is at Level 3.  We hope, subject to government guidance, to move to Level 2 after October half term.

If infection rates increase and we are subject to any form of lockdown, we may regretfully need to return temporarily to Level 4.





Coronavirus decreases and social distancing measures are relaxed

  • All Halesowen College provisions will return.
  • Face to face teaching, learning and assessment will return.
  • College’s coach service returns to usual service.
  • Student trips, visits and guest speakers return.
  • Full restaurant and shop facilities available.
  • Access to visitors return.


Coronavirus risk reduced, yet social distancing measures are in place

  • Halesowen College will run with a blended and connected model.
  • Both face to face and remote teaching, learning and assessment.
  • College’s coach service return, with safety considerations in place.
  • Campus will include Covid-19 safety measures.
  • Limited student trips, visits and guest speakers.
  • Limited restaurant and shop facilities.
  • Limited access to visitors.


Coronavirus risk reduced, yet social distancing measures are in place

  • Halesowen College will run with a blended and connected model. 
  • Both face to face and remote teaching, learning and assessment
  • College’s coach service resuming, with safety considerations in place.
  • Campus will include Covid-19 safety measures
  • No student trips, visits and guest speakers.
  • Very limited restaurant and shop facilities.
  • Very limited access to visitors.


Coronavirus risk increases and we return to lockdown

  • Halesowen College will run with a full online model of learning.
  • No on-Campus facilities

How is the College going to manage safety with the College coaches?

The College bus service brings students to College from a wide range of areas.  The service is completely free of charge to our students. 


For 2020-21 we have measures in place to manage safe travel, as follows:


  • All coaches will be deep cleaned over-night using an anti-bacterial fogging process.
  • All coaches will have clear markings on seats, showing where students can sit and where they should not sit.
  • Coaches will have touch-points (hand-rails etc.) cleaned by drivers between the morning arrival at college and the lunch-time departures. 
  • Coaches will have touch points cleaned between lunchtime arrivals and evening departures.
  • Coach drivers will tell students when to disembark from the coach, ensuring that coaches unload in a safe fashion and that social distancing can be maintained.

Measures students are asked to take when travelling on College coaches

  • Students should maintain social distancing whilst queuing for College coaches.
  • Any student exhibiting symptoms of Covid-19 should follow government guidelines on self-isolation and should not attempt to board a college coach.
  • Any student in a household where there is a suspected case of Covid-19 should follow government guidelines on self-isolation and should not attempt to board a College coach.
  • All students should wear a protective face covering while travelling on the College coach. Where this is not possible due to an existing medical condition (such as asthma) then the student should inform College staff at the earliest opportunity (during interview/enrolment/induction). They will be given an additional card as proof, which they must display to the coach driver.
  • All students should sit one person to a double seat, in the window position as directed by the markings on the seats. Students should not sit together.
  • Students should remain seated on the coach until the driver tells them they are about to disembark.
  • Students should allow the coach driver to exit the vehicle first and take up a position socially distanced from the door.
How is the College going to manage safety on Campus?

A video tour of our safety arrangements on the College’s campuses’ is available to view here:


For 2020-21 we have measures in place to ensure our campuses are safe, and in line with government guidelines.  These include:

  • One-way systems
  • Increased cleaning
  • Sanitiser stations
  • Protective shields in social areas like reception and the student HUB


In order to reduce potential virus transmission, we ask that all students and staff pay using card or contactless where possible.  This is our preferred method which can be used across College, including Starbucks, our B63 Bistro restaurant and cafeteria. 

How is the College support services going to work next academic year?

For 2020-21 our College Student HUB will be accessible virtually, as well as via bookable face to face appointment.  Such services include:

  • Students’ Union
  • Library and resources
  • Learning support
  • Counselling and student support
  • Careers advice
  • Admissions and financial guidance
What if I have to work remotely, but I don’t have a computer at home?

The College’s acknowledges that there will be some students who may struggle to complete their studies with the equipment they have available to them at home.  If this is you, please contact our Student HUB via email: who will be able to share with you more information about the Learning Support Fund for borrowing equipment.

How do I access my Student Home Drive (H:)?

Your Home Drive is now available online via OneDrive. Click the link below to access your College OneDrive and look for a folder named “Migrated Files – May 2020”.

Access My OneDrive

How will I get my results this year?

Further to the government’s guidance regarding GCSEs, AS and A Levels, on Thursday 9th April, Ofqual published information regarding BTECs, HNCs and HNDs, Functional Skills and Apprenticeships. Please see below for more information.

On 26 June 2020 Pearson produced a message to BTEC learners who are due a calculated result this summer to help explain how the process will work. They’ve also created a set of frequently asked questions.

GCSEs, AS and A Levels

Halesowen College will inform awarding bodies the grades students would have got if they had sat exams. Our staff will take into account evidence such as mock exams and non-exam assessment. Awarding bodies will then use data, such as prior attainment, to decide on a final calculated grade.

A and AS level results will be published on 13 August and GCSE results on 20 August, as originally planned. This will enable progression to higher and further education to take place in the normal way.

Click here to read the Chief Regulator for Ofqual’s message for all 2019-20 GCSE, AS and A Level students.

The message covers:

  • How will grades be calculated?
  • Do I need to complete any work for to submit a grade?
  • Can I see the grades submitted for me?
  • When will I get my results?
  • Can I take my exams another time?

Vocational Qualifications

Ofqual recognises that BTEC qualifications offer learners similar progression opportunities as GCSEs and A levels, and therefore, the approach that will be taken with these qualifications is similar to the one being used for General Qualifications.

We are awaiting more information to be released. In the meantime, please refer to Thursday 9th April’s published advice from Ofqual, for more information.

Functional Skills

Our learners due to complete their Functional Skills assessment(s) between March and July 2020, will not be expected to undertake their assessment(s).

The Awarding Body will issue a calculated grade based on a range of evidence and data.

We will update this page with more information. Until then, please refer to Thursday 9th April published advice from Ofqual, available here:

Higher Nationals

Halesowen College’s HNC and HND programmes are being delivered online, continuing to teach and assess where possible. As such, in some situations it will be possible to certificate.

Where there are units or learning outcomes that are unsuitable for online delivery, advice and guidance will be provided regarding ways to adjust assessments or how to select suitable alternative units.

If it is not possible for assessment to continue using the above approaches, we will ask tutors to calculate grades using their professional judgment and supporting evidence.

We will update this page with more information and guidance in due course.


The Awarding Body is working closely with Ofqual and the iFATE on how apprenticeships and other vocational and technical qualifications will be assessed and awarded, including arrangements for the adaptation of assessments where appropriate.

We will update this page with more information and guidance in due course.

Please note

Universities have been encouraged to be flexible and do all they can to support students and ensure they can progress to higher education.

If you are not happy that your grade reflects your performance, there will be opportunities to sit exams in the autumn term, or summer 2021.

If you feel that the right process has not been followed, you may choose to follow our appeals process.

Is the Nursery open?

Yes the College Nursery is open, with places available for September. To make an appointment, please contact our new Nursery Manager, Jemma Llewellyn via email:

I’m already a student and I’m worried about next year.

Please do not worry, we will ensure you are able to continue your studies, and will be touch with you soon.

As a Halesowen College student, can I still receive support with things like IT and careers?

Yes, please see our student resources and support services guide here for more information:

Download our Student Resources and Support Services Guide (PDF)

I need access to Adobe CC. How do I get this?

Adobe has provided temporary at-home access for impacted Halesowen College students and staff in order for them to continue their studies and work remotely.

Please note that this only applies to Adobe CC applications which can be installed on your laptop or desktop computer. iOS and Android versions are not supported.

For more information on how to download or install apps, see Download and Install Creative Cloud apps.

Adobe have provided a helpful FAQ which provides some answers to common questions. You can find it here: Adobe – Common questions for Students & Teachers

For Higher Education students to continue developing skills, Adobe offers free “Daily Creative Challenges”. These are guided projects where participants receive creative prompts and connect with pros, mentors, and other students for feedback and support. Click on the app name to learn more: Photoshop, XD and Illustrator. Also, for inspiration and over-the-shoulder learning, watch pros share their creative process on Adobe Live daily at

For staff seeking to engage students during Campus closures, Adobe has curated resources to help them discover inspiring projects, best practices, and new ideas so they can continue to drive valuable learning in virtual environments. For more information on Adobe’s distance learning resources please click here.

Please follow the instruction below to enable access to Creative Cloud Destop Apps on your personal device.

  1. Visit and use your college email address to sign in.
  2. When prompted, enter your credentials in the college login screen.
  3. From the Creative Cloud website, browse for and download your desired app. Click Apps on the top of the page to view all apps.
I’m a member of staff. Can I come to College?

Staff who have completed their risk assessment and watched the safety video can now return to campus under the direction of their line manager.

From Monday 13th July, staff absence reporting will take place electronically, as shared with all staff on Friday 10th July. The new system has been designed to make it easier to report absence, to help us to comply with COVID-19 reporting requirements, and to allow staff to upload relevant documents (e.g. teaching work set, fitness to work notes). Managers will receive e-mail notifications when their staff are ill as soon as an absence is reported.

Please do not use the staff absence telephone line.

How do I access my learning online?

Your teaching team have been in touch with all students via their Halesowen College email account. The following guides may be useful to you:

I’m a parent/carer worried about my young person accessing so much online. Do you have any guidance?

Halesowen College students are encouraged to use the College equipment where this has been provided, or access the information via the platforms available on their own devices should they have participated in the Bring your own devices scheme.

Parents and carers may find it useful to talk to their young person about their online life and check the history on phones and computers.

All access to Halesowen College systems are password protected and all students have participated in Staying Safe Online activities, as part of the pastoral curriculum.

Halesowen College are committed to act on any incidents that take place outside the College which impact upon the student wellbeing. Please contact the College’s Safeguarding Team if you have any concerns.

You can find more advice and information via these services:

  • Internet matters – for support for parents and carers to keep their children safe online
  • NSPCC Net Aware – for support for parents and careers from the NSPCC
  • Parent Info – for support for parents and carers to keep their children safe online
  • Thinkuknow – for advice from the National Crime Agency to stay safe online
  • UK Safer Internet Centre – advice for parents and carers
  • CEOP – a law enforcement agency to help keep children and young people safe from sexual abuse and grooming online
How will the College support me as a vulnerable person?

If you are an existing student please contact your personal coach. New students can discuss this during your enrolment.

Staff can discuss their needs with their line manager.

For more information, please contact us.

Do you have any resources for vulnerable learners?

Halesowen College continues to support its vulnerable students. The College’s leads for Safeguarding and Special Educational Needs and Disabilities have identified some key websites and resources which they believe may be useful to our vulnerable students and their families.

If you have any questions or queries, please contact us using the Submit a question option below.

I’ve applied to study at Halesowen College in September. What now?

Firstly, thank you for applying to study with us, and we look forward to welcoming you! Following the guidance from Public Health England, we have decided to postpone face to face interviews.

We appreciate exams and assessments have been suspended, and ask that you do not worry about your College place with us. A member of staff will work with you at enrolment to ensure you continue your education on a course that is right for you and will allow you to flourish and succeed.

  • If you have an Educational, Health and Care Plan, we will need to consult with your Local Authority to ensure we can meet your needs.
  • If you are a care experienced learner and need additional support, please get in touch and let us know.
  • If you have a criminal conviction, a member of staff will be in touch to help you with your application so that you can start with us in September.

If you require further information you can contact the Student HUB via email:

If you have not already applied for one of our courses in September, please do not worry. You can apply for a place by clicking on the ‘Apply’ button below.

Apply Now

I haven’t applied for a College place yet for September. What should I do?

If you have not already applied for one of our courses in September, please do not worry. You can apply for a place by clicking on the ‘Apply’ button below.

Apply Now

I’ve received an offer to study at Halesowen College in September. What now?

We look forward to welcoming you! We appreciate all exams and assessments have been suspended, and ask that you do not worry about your College place with us. Halesowen College will work with you at enrolment to ensure you continue your education on a course that is right for you, and will allow you to flourish and succeed.

If you require further information you can contact the Student HUB via email:

How is the College managing bursary payments?

Halesowen College have put in place the following arrangements to those in receipt of bursary payments:

  • Students who usually receive a meal allowance will have a transfer into their bank account on a weekly basis. The payments will cease at the end of this academic year which is week commencing 13 July 2020, unless the College receives further government guidance.
  • The College will continue to pay for childcare, where this has already been agreed.
  • Students in receipt of the vulnerable bursary will continue to receive the payment weekly, excluding the two weeks planned for Easter break.

If you require further information you can contact the Student HUB via email:

I’m worried about my student finance application, what can I do?

The Student Loans Company are providing updates and guidance on the GOV.UK website.

You can find out more here: SLC – Guidance for prospective students.

What about my university place?

Many universities have set up support remotely for students worried about their offers. Some are using Unibuddy with online chat facilities or have set up remote access for enquiries. Students need to visit the relevant university pages to gain access.

Students can also access our Careers Moodle pages here: Halesowen College Careers


Please follow the guidance given by your employer’s HR department in the first instance.

If you are an Apprentice employer and would like to speak to a member of the College Apprenticeship team, please email

Applying to University

Deadlines for Accepting University Offers | UCAS

For first years or second years who want to submit a late application to university:

Careers Moodle Page – Resources for first or second year students

For final year students:

Careers Moodle Page – Resources for final year students

Accessing College Services

You can access our primary services at home by using the links below:

Your Health and Wellbeing

It is normal to feel stressed and anxious during such difficult times. Below is our advice for protecting your mental health and well-being while the world navigates this ever-changing situation:

  • If you are studying at home, try to stick to a routine. Get up at your normal time, get dressed and eat breakfast as you usually would. Have a plan for your day and stick to it. Where possible, create a work station that you can leave at regular intervals for breaks 
  • Eat well, drink lots of water and exercise at home – looking after your physical health will have a positive impact on your mental health
  • Focus on fact, not rumour and speculation. Only follow reports from trusted news outlets or a credible source, such as the World Health Organisation. Try to limit the amount of time you spend listening to/reading/watching news reports
  • Where possible, follow advice given by health agencies and the government to protect you and your loved ones, including looking after your personal hygiene (wash your hands), cleaning surfaces and self-isolating, particularly if you/they fall into one of the at-risk groups
  • While social distancing is advised, you can use social media positively to keep in touch with your friends and family. Seek out some of the many stories of kindness and support people are sharing on-line 
  • If you are well, find out what you can do in your community to support those who are not well or are in an at-risk group 

If you need someone to talk to, and know your personal coach’s email address, contact them directly. If not, contact a member of the safeguarding team:

Please take care of yourselves and those around you. 

Additional Information

If you have any concerns about your health you should use the NHS 111 website initially, or if you have no internet access then contact the free NHS 111 telephone helpline. Check the NHS website for the latest official advice.

To see our previous responses and guidance, please refer to our archive page available here:

Our accreditation and awards