What is a Foundation T Level? 

Think you might like to do a T Level, but need more time to get ready? The Foundation T Level will help you develop your skills and prepare you for the next level. It’s a one-year post-GCSE course designed to get you T Level ready. It will give you relevant knowledge, practical and study skills, work experience and support tailored to you and your chosen T Level subject area. 

You can expect to:

  • gain technical knowledge and practical skills relevant to your chosen T Level subject area
  • get ready for your T Level with industry work experience and preparation 
  • develop industry-relevant English and maths skills, and digital skills 
  • benefit from focused individual support and personal development 
  • plan the right next step for you – and get the skills to succeed when you get there 

What’s different about the Foundation T Level? 

The Foundation T Level is purposely designed to give you the best chance of progressing onto your chosen T Level – and successfully completing it. It’s been developed with leading employers, schools and colleges who have provided their unique understanding of the knowledge, skills and behaviours that you will need for your next step, and that industry employers look for in future employees.

What will I do on the Foundation T Level? 

The Foundation T Level will help you develop knowledge, skills and behaviours across five key areas to prepare you for your chosen T Level subject area. 

Industry-relevant Technical Knowledge and Skills 

  • Study technical content custom-built to prepare for your chosen T Level subject area, designed with employers to get you ready for T Level. 
  • Complete a small project in your chosen area – for example, working to find a solution to a real industry problem. 
  • Learn about different T Levels and career options and get help to choose the right path for you. 

Knowledge and Skills for the Workplace 

  • Develop the knowledge and behaviours to excel in the workplace and the skills that employers value most, like communication and teamwork.
  • Put this into practice with high-quality work experience – you will have opportunities to meet employers and experience real workplaces – getting you ready for the T Level industry placement. 

Positive Attitude and Behaviours 

  • Take ownership of your development – you will get help to set goals and plan how to achieve them, plus regular feedback to stay on track. 
  • Develop practical strategies to build your confidence and resilience. 
  • Get opportunities for enrichment activities – for example, volunteering in your chosen area or taking part in a social action project. 

Skills for Successful Study 

  • Learn how to study effectively – you will develop strategies to plan your learning and manage your time. 
  • Build your confidence with opportunities to practise the types of assessments you will encounter at T Level – from practicals to projects. 

English, Maths and Digital Skills 

  • Learn how to apply the English, maths and digital skills that matter in your chosen industry. 
  • Continue working towards achieving a GCSE grade 4 or Functional Skills Level 2 in English and/or maths if you do not already have this.

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